Egg, Inc. Contract Calculator

Shortly after I published my first farm value calculator for Egg, Inc., the game came out with a new feature called contracts. Contracts allowed players to join a co-operative effort to lay a certain number of eggs within a set time for rewards. When contracts were released, everyone wanted to know “will I complete this contract on time?“. So this is what this calculator aimed to solve.

At first, the calculator was a simple page with inputs that fed into a pre-differentiated equation that took into account a farms current capacity as well as their future capacity given a known growth-rate. While this filled the need, I felt I could improve it while pushing my abilities as a web developer by creating a more dynamic page which would display the currently available contracts and prepopulate certain fields based on the contract. The technical challenge behind this is an interesting topic which I will write a blog post on in the future. Unfortunately, the process to fetch the active contracts no longer operates so the contracts section of this page no longer displays contracts as per the image.